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Autoslide® - Sliding Glass Door Opener

Autoslide® is a division of ADIS, an Australian company which has produced commercial door openers of various types for 25 years. The Autoslide® company takes the knowledge gained through decades of product development and service and applies it to residential sliding glass doors. The Autoslide® has patents in the US and is UL certified.

This automatic sliding door opener has many uses; it works for the elderly, the physically challenged, and pet owners. This product is particularly useful for people with extra large dogs. For owners of Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Irish Wolfhounds, Newfoundlands, and other giant dog breeds, a panel pet door many times isn't available in a large enough size. If a pet door panel is available it will often take up so much room in the slider that people no longer have room to get through the door, and the pet door flap is so large a person can easily get in. The Autoslide® provides an alternative that is free from all of these issues, and it is less expensive than a high quality, weather tight dog door for sliding doors.
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Autoslide K9 Tag System
Starts at $268.00
Autoslide Pressure Mats (Pair)
Starts at $160.00
Autoslide iLock 10 Digit Security Keypad
Starts at $105.00
Autoslide IR Motion Sensors (set of 2)
Starts at $99.00
Autoslide K9 Collar Tag (sold separately)
Starts at $55.00
Autoslide 20
Starts at $55.00
Autoslide 4 Button Remote Control
Starts at $45.00
Autoslide i3 Collar Key
Starts at $19.00
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Autoslide 6' Extension Cord
Starts at $15.00