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Pet Door Guys - Custom Pet Doors

The Pet Door Guys have been making custom glass units with the pet door built in since 2005. This product replaces the glass in your existing sliding glass door, and puts the dog door in the glass. This eliminates all of the issues that we see with panel pet doors for sliding glass doors. The sliding door remains sealed all the way around, the lock works, the door opens all the way, and a house alarm will function with this dog door installed.

Installation is easy, it's exactly the same job a glass company would have to do to replace any broken window. The glass company will come out twice: the first time they disassemble the door, measure the glass unit, and reinstall it. With the measurements in hand you can order the dog door. It takes about 3 weeks to get the glass made to produce it, then the completed new glass unit is shipped. When it shows up, the glass company comes back out, and this time they swap the new glass with the dog door for the old window, and you can store the old window so that the process can be reversed at a later date if desired.
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Pet Door Guys Through Glass Doggy Door
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