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SureFlap - Microchip Pet Doors

Since 2008 SureFlap has produced their RFID electronic cat and small dog doors. These doors lock automatically, and unlock with RFID microchips. If your dog or cat has been chipped, you're already good to go. It can be used with separate collar tags as well, and like the chip the tags do not require batteries.

The DualScan and Pet Door models are raccoon proof, and the Pet Door has a timer function so that it can be set for in-only mode after a specified time at night, and then it won't let the pets back out until the specified time in the morning. The timer or curfew function is great for cat owners who want to keep their pets in at night, and also for dog owners who have a dog that runs outside and barks after they leave for work early in the morning.

SureFlap also makes adapters to install the pet doors in thin surfaces, as well as tunnel sections which can be stacked to add thickness for wall installations.
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SureFlap Microchip Doors
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