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Gun Dog House Door - Kennel Dog Doors

After replacing a long succession of traditional pet doors that were chewed up and spit out - literally, Gun Dog House Door was born in 1985. The goal of the company was to make a chew proof, wind proof pet door, and that is exactly what they did.

The Gun Dog House door has an aluminum outer frame and a 1/4" thick Plexiglas center flap. The flaps are both spring loaded. When the dog goes out, both flaps move together. When they come in, the Plexiglas flap moves and the aluminum flap stays against the wall.

These dog doors are inexpensive and very durable, so they make a great kennel door. The flaps do slap against each other and the wall or door that it is installed on, so be aware that this is a noisy option for a home installation.

Gun Dog also makes an Easy Dog door in two sizes. The flap is a hinged piece of Plexiglas with a piece of aluminum across the bottom to discourage chewing. There are no magnets or springs to hold this doggy door shut, so while this one is very easy to use, it is not very weather tight.
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