Ideal Modular 96"

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Product Overview

The Ideal Pet Products Modular 96" panel door is an inexpensive, easy to install pet door panel for an 8' sliding glass door

  • Inexpensive panel
  • 5/8" thick white aluminum frame
  • Tempered glass
  • Spring loaded easy install design
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 93 1/2 to 96 inch adjustment range
  • Clear vinyl flap
  • Locking cover included
  • Comes with universal pin lock for slider

The Modular 96" Panel from Ideal Pet Products is nearly identical to their popular Fast Fit panel, and uses the same spring-loaded adjuster on top and small through Super Large pet door flaps on the bottom. The difference is that this one is split in half, and the two halves screw together. The upside to splitting the length in half is that it makes it easier to package and ship, the downside is that there is a horizontal frame piece about 4' up from the floor that isn't there on a panel that is built to the full size, like the more expensive and weather tight Thermo Panel 3e

This panel pet door is easy to install and inexpensive. Just screw the top and bottom halves together, compress the spring loaded top, set it in the track, release the top, and then lock it with the thumbscrews. Apply the weather strips, and that is all there is to it. The video shows the standard height panel pet door, so it doesn't include screwing the top to the bottom part, but that is the only change in the installation procedure.

This door comes in small, medium, extra large, and super large sizes (no large). Rises are listed below. Careful with the XL rise. 8" might be too tall for a short dog, but for most labs, shepherds, and similar size dogs that need the 10½ width you will want the 8" rise. If you have a shorter legged large dog, or a big step down outside of the slider that you can not remedy with a step or a ramp, then there is an option for a custom 4" step over. This option adds $35 and makes the door a final sale, not returnable or refundable.

Flap Dimension Rise or Step Over Height
Small 2"
Medium  4"
Extra Large 8"
Super Large 8"


This product is subject to a 15% restock fee if returned for any other reason than damage in shipping.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review