Endura Kennel (2 Frames w/Flaps)

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Product Overview

Endura Kennel doors are sold as a pair of frames and flaps only, do not include locking covers or hole plug covers and have the Endura Flaps

  • Revolutionary Endura flap is extremely weather tight
  • Kennel version has frame with flap, no cover or tunnel
  • Taller flaps fit wider range of pets
  • White, beige, or black frame
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Can be attached to doors and walls with wood screws
  • Endura Flap was the 2007 Dog Fancy Editor's Choice Award winner for best pet product
  • Locking cover sold separately
  • Must be sold in pairs                      

This kennel strength doggie door uses the Endura flap, which has been tested beyond 3,000,000 cycles without a failure!!! The key to its durability is that it swings on bushings at the top instead of flexing at the top like a typical soft vinyl flap, this pivot allows the door to swing without wear and tear. This new Endura flap is available in taller sizes than most other pet doors. This means that it is easier to fit multiple dogs, as the flap can be lower to the ground and yet still be tall enough for a larger dog at the same time. Sturdy enough for constant use, this pet door is also weather tight enough to be used on heated or air conditioned kennels even in extreme weather. If more weather proofing is desired, it is easy to install two of these doors, one on the inside and one on the outside of a door or wall. 

This door is sold in pairs and can't be split into single frames. They come with no hardware or screw caps, and no locking covers. Locking covers and hole plugs are popular upgrades, and you can find them in the Accessories section of this page. Locking covers are not necessary if you always want the pet door open, but if you want to keep the pets in or out, add one to your order.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review