Endura Replacement Locking Cover

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Product Overview

The Endura Flap pet doors come with a tan plastic locking cover, the small, medium, and large sizes have one lock the XL has two locks

Endura doggie doors are extremely weather tight, and are available for all different applications. The Thermo Panel 3e and Quick Panel 3 are panel pet doors for patio doors. The Pet Door Guys use the Endura dog flaps in their doggy doors in glass doors. Pet Door Guys units can be manufactured for swinging or sliding glass doors, and they are a complete glass replacement. Disassemble the door and swap the original glass for the new unit with the Endura Flap door for dogs built right in. We carry the Thermo Sash 3e for vertical sliding windows, and the Endura Flap door and wall models and even a kennel pet door as well.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review