Hale Standard Panel

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Product Overview

Hale Standard Panels come in many sizes and the largest have big enough flaps for the largest pet breeds like Great Danes and Newfoundlands

  • Double flap design
  • Fuzzy weather strip seals flaps to frame
  • Multiple magnets hold flap shut
  • Tempered dual pane glass
  • 3/4" thick aluminum frame
  • Adapter channel for better sealing
  • Cut to fit design requires hacksaw
  • Color matched locking cover (tinted covers shown no longer available)
  • Buit to fit the height of your door
  • 1 inch rise is standard, 5 inch rise optional, 10 inch on largest sizes
  • 12 different flap sizes for any pet
  • Can be custom ordered for sideways sliding windows

The Hale is an extremely weather tight panel for your patio door, because it has dual pane glass and dual flaps. That's not a 2 piece flap, that is 2 completely separate flaps. There is a flap on the inside of the frame, and another on the outside of the frame. The flaps seal to the frame with multiple magnets are located on the sides and bottom of the flaps on medium and larger sizes. This pet door also has a fuzzy weather stripping between the flap and the frame. To address possible leaks between the pet door and the sliding door this unit comes with an adapter channel. The adapter channel fits onto the edge of your sliding glass door. When you close the door, the adapter channel actually covers over the edge of the panel, so that instead of butting up against the pet door as the other panels on the market do, the slider actually closes over the end of the Hale pet door.

This sliding glass pet door is a "semi-permanent" installation. It is a bit more complicated than the other "temporary" sliding glass pet doors on the market. The frame pieces need to be cut down with a hacksaw to fit the pet door into the frame. The Hale pet door is then inserted into the sliding door track and screwed into place. Once in place the adapter channel has to be screwed to the edge of the sliding door. The locking cover is made from a tough color matched UV resistant marine grade Starboard plastic that comes with a steel spring loaded lock for maximum security.

If the idea of cutting the panel or drilling holes in the sliding door or the frame doesn't appeal to you, consider the Thermo Panel 3e as an alternative.

5 year limited warranty.

Since this Hale pet door is custom built it takes approximately 3 weeks to receive your order (including shipping time. Custom orders are not returnable or refundable.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review