Ideal VIP Vinyl Insulated Patio Door

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Product Overview

Ideal VIP Vinyl Insulated Patio door is a vinyl pet door panel which fits vinyl sliders correctly and use the existing sliding door lock

  • Fits sliders with 1½ to 1¾ thick vinyl framing
  • Dual pane tempered glass
  • Dual pane Ultra-Flex flap
  • Semi-permanent installation
  • Uses your existing door lock
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Standard height adjustment 76 ¾ - 78 ½

This new offering from Ideal Pet Products is an industry first, as this is the very first pet door panel made with vinyl framing. Vinyl framing has the advantage that it doesn't conduct temperatures as well as aluminum so it is more insulating. This Ideal pet door also has dual pane glass, and a flap style that is similar to the Thermo Panel 3e. It is a double walled flap, but this one is split into sections with hinges in between the sections. The flap material is a rigid Lexan, and it seals very well.

This door requires semi-permanent installation, and is quite involved. The end result is a more finished appearance. This door's 1 ½" thick frame will match your vinyl slider in appearance, and the lock will integrate with your sliding glass door lock (another industry first). Please review the installation instructions before you purchase this door. If it looks like the installation is too difficult, try a Thermo Panel 3e, which is very well insulated but it is a very simple spring loaded pet door and much easier to install.

Click here to view the installation instructions (requires Adobe Acrobat)

This product is subject to a 15% restock fee if returned for any other reason than damage in shipping.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review