About Us

Pet Door Store

The Pet Door Store, LLC is a family business founded in 2003 by Jon and Melissa Mortensen. We are high school sweethearts that have been together since ages 17 and 16 respectively. Jon operates the front end of the business and if you call or email, you will contact him. He is also in all of the product videos on the site. Melissa does some accounting for the business, but is first and foremost a Registered Dietitian working for Seattle Children's Hospital. Together we are committed to providing excellent customer service. Prior to selling pet doors Jon was a Porsche mechanic, so he is very technically adept and can help you work through most installation questions.


In buying a pet door you have a surprising number of options. Gone are the days when your only option was to go down to the hardware store and buy the cheap, leaky plastic pet door that they stocked on the shelf. We have extremely weather tight pet doors for all sizes of pets and we can have doors custom built to fit specific applications. We appreciate your business and would love to help you and your pets choose the best product. Give us a call toll free at (866) 377-3667.

This is a mail order business and we do not have a store front for you to come visit.