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Replacement Flaps

  • Ideal Pet Products flaps come in 5 sizes this image shows the plastic frame but the item sold is just the flap alone Ideal Pet Products makes some of the most popular pet doors

    Ideal Replacement Flap

    Ideal Pet Products makes the world’s most popular pet door and is used in the popular Fast Fit panel pet door. The vinyl flaps do need replacing every 3-5 years.Ideal has discontinued the older rectangular logo flaps. These were in production until...

    As low as $24.95
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  • PlexiDor dog doors use plexiglas flaps that are very sturdy but if you should need to replace one they are sold separately PlexiDor doggy doors are attractive weather tight pet doors that open in the middle like a saloon door

    Plexidor Replacement Panel

    The Plexidor Dog Door flaps are very durable, but they can break if abused and some replace just because the old flaps get scratched and dirty.   If your Plexidor has a flap that is hanging open, you need a spring kit, not a replacement...

    As low as $45.24
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  • Hale Pet Door replacement flap kits come with the flap replacement magnets and weather strips Hale dog doors are made in the USA and feature weather tight flaps with magnets on sides and bottom of the flap

    Hale Replacement Flap

    These Hale flaps can be found in Hale Pet Doors for doors, sliding glass doors, walls, windows, screens, and in glass pet door styles   Hale flaps can be found in Hale Pet Doors for doors, Hale Standard...

    As low as $33.00
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Over the years we've seen many pet doors come and go. Surprisingly few manufacturers actually put their name on their product. If you have a door and you don't know what it is, give us a call at (866) 377-3667. If we spend a few minutes on the phone we can usually tell you what it is and whether flaps are still available. 

Some popular discontinued doors that flaps are no longer available for include:
Ideal Insulator Series
Pet Corp
Pet 1
Pet Safe Classic
Pet Eze
Pet Safe QuickFit

If you have one of these pet doors, you only have a few options, unfortunately. If it is a panel for a sliding glass door like the Pet 1, you will have to start over and replace the whole unit. If it is in a door or a wall, the options are to try to find another pet door which fits the existing hole. In order to check this you need to REMOVE THE PET DOOR and measure the size of the hole in the wall. The flap measurement and the frame measurement won't help. You need the size of the hole in the wall. Once you have the hole size you can see if something else matches exactly. Unlikely, but it does happen. The other option is to have a custom size pet door built to fit the hole in the wall. We can have the Hale door built to specs for both custom door and custom wall installations.