Pet Doors for Screens

There are quite a few dog screen doors on the market, and we do not carry most of them, because the majority of them attach directly to the screen mesh itself. While you can buy this style of door in a size large enough for a large breed dog, in practice they don't hold up well. When a Laborador Retriever sees a squirrel in the back yard and hits that kind of door at a run the doggy door frame will rip out of the screen. While we do not sell screen doors with dog doors installed, the Hale and Ideal Screen Guard pet doors are very easy to install, either job should be done inside of 20 minutes with the proper tools and skills. We do carry a couple screen mesh mounted doors, but only in cat sizes and we advise that they only be used with cats. 

If you have a sliding glass pet door and want to use the screen door, take a look at the Bug Warden. It allows you to seal the sliding screen door against the pet door so you can use the screen for ventilation and still allow the dogs to use the pet door. Best of both worlds!
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