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Endura Flap Parts and Accessories

  • Endura Flap Door Mount Hardware kits have all the screws silicone and other bits necessary to install an Endura pet door Endura Flap pet doors are made by Patio Pacific and are proudly made in the USA

    Endura Door Mount Hardware Kit

    The door mount hardware kit for Endura Flap dog doors does not include the aluminum frame which connects the inside and outside frames through the door.   It does include the screws, hole plugs, and instructions.

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  • You can add more magnets to the bottom of your Endura Flap pet door with this kit Endura Flap dog doors are very wind resistant but can be improved upon with this additional magnet set

    Endura Flap Magnet Upgrade

    The Endura Flap Magnet Upgrade can be added to any Endura pet doors to give them even better wind resistance.   This includes the Thermo Panel 3e, Endura door and wall pet doors, the Thermo Sash 3e, and Pet Door...

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  • Endura Flap Flap Retainer Clips hold the magnets in the bottom of the flap and also hold the flap together Endura Flap pet doors are extremely durable and weather resistant and have magnets down both sides and across the bottom

    Endura Flap Retainer Clip

    Every variety of the Endura Flap pet door uses this flap retainer clip to hold the magnets on the bottom of the flap. This includes door, wall and kennel Endura dog doors as well as Thermo Sash 3e window cat doors...

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  • Endura Flap dog doors have hinges at the top that pivot on a flap rod Endura Flap pet doors are energy efficient and extremely durable

    Endura Flap Rod

    The Endura Flap rod is the pivot rod that the flap swings on. It is pretty rare to bend a flap rod, but we have seen it happen when a dog plays tug of war with the flap. The flap rod is held in with retainer washers, and these washers are included with...

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  • Endura Flap pet doors by Patio Pacific have screw covers to finish off the installation which need replacing if the flap is replaced Endura Flap dog doors are some of the most weather tight and durable pet doors on the market

    Endura Hole Plug Kit (Set of 8 plugs)

    When installing Endura Flap pet doors for doors or walls, or replacing the flaps in them, you will need to install new hole plugs as well. These plugs press into the frames and they get destroyed when removing them. Endura Flaps come with hole plugs, so...

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  • Endura Flap dog door locking covers have a spring loaded pin to prevent them from being lifted out from the outside Endura Flap pet doors use heavy duty plastic locking covers for security

    Endura Replacement Locking Cover

    The Endura Flap pet doors come with a tan plastic locking cover, the small, medium, and large sizes have one lock the XL has two locks Endura doggie doors are extremely weather tight, and are available for all different applications. The Thermo Panel 3e...

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  • Endura Flap pet doors are very durable but if you need to replace a flap they can be purchased separately Endura dog door replacement flaps come with the magnets on the sides and bottom of the flap but do not include the hinge rod

    Endura Replacement Flap

    Endura Flaps fit Thermo Panel 3e, Quick Panel 3, Thermo Sash 3e, Pet Door Guys window units, and Endura door and wall pet doors.We don't ever expect to sell a replacement Endura flap for a door because it has worn out through regular use. Nevertheless,...

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