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High Tech Pet Parts and Accessories

  • High Tech Electronic Pet Doors can use this battery backup so that if the power goes out the pets can still use their automatic doggy door If your High Tech Power Pet Door is installed where there are no outlets you can use two batteries and use one while charging the other

    High Tech Batteries and Accessories

    High Tech Power Pet Doors are usually run on a standard 110V outlet. If you live in an area that is prone to power outages, the optional battery backup can be a real help.   Some people have this door installed in an area where there are no...

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  • High Tech Pet Electronic Dog Doors come with the MS-5 ultrasonic key which operates the automatic pet door High Tech Pet offers the MS-4 ultrasonic collar key which is not water proof at a lower cost than the MS-5

    High Tech Power Pet Ultrasonic Collar Key

    High Tech Power Pet Doors use ultrasonic collars. There is a version which is not waterproof and one that is waterproof. If you have a Golden Retriever and a pool, pay a little more for the water proof collar. Battery life on these collars is...

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