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Generic Sliding Door Doggy Door Parts

  • This adhesive weather strip is applied to the sides of a panel pet door for a sliding glass door to seal the pet door to the sliding door and the wall

    Adhesive Back Weather Strip

    This 5/8" wide x 3/8" tall by 17' long roll of adhesive backed foam weather strip tape is the standard dog door weather strip that comes with the Thermo Panel 3e, Fast Fit, Fast Sash and Thermo Sash 3 but will work for other doggy doors for windows and...

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  • This clamp on sliding door lock is a generic lock that works with any panel pet door and requires no tools to install

    Clamp on Sliding Door Lock

    This clamp on lock can be used for sliding glass doors when installing a pet door for patio doors, and works for some windows when installing a window cat flap. This is about as basic as a lock gets. It simply clamps to the track by means of a thumb...

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  • Draft Stopper weather strips seal the gap between the sliding glass door and the stationary window when a pet door is added The draft stopper weatherstrip attaches to the back end of the sliding glass door and seals the gap resulting from the installation of a doggy door

    Draft Stopper

    Draft stopper weather strip seals the gap between the stationary window and the sliding glass door when a slider pet door panel is used.   This weather strip works with any of them, including the Thermo Panel 3e, Ideal Fast Fit, Hale Standard...

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  • Wedgit - Better Than a Charlie Bar

    Wedgit sliding door locks allow you to put pressure on the sliding glass door and force it against the dog door panel to help seal the two   Easy to install lock for use with a panel pet door Extends, so can be used to push the sliding door...

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