Window Pet Doors

If you have a sash window that opens up and down, installing a pet door is really easy. Just lift the window up, put the pet door in the window, and close the window down on top of it. There are a few pieces of weather stripping that need to be installed too, but it is a surprisingly quick and easy install process. Newer windows often have very narrow tracks, and sometimes the pet door won't fit into the track. The solutions here are still easy, but we made a video covering the usual scenarios and solutions to them.

Sideways Sliding Windows
We can custom order a the Thermo Panel 3e and Hale Panel shorter to fit a sideways sliding window. There are limits to how short we can have them built, just like the vertical units have width limits. If your window is shorter than about 3 feet tall, then watch this video for other options. We recommend the Ideal Screen Guard pet door, or the Hale Custom Size. We don't carry the Pride or the SureFlap electronic doors any longer.

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