Sliding Glass Dog Doors

Sliding Glass Pet Door Panels

The spring loaded style are easy to install and remove, and when removed they leave virtually no trace. This makes the sliding glass door an ideal place to install a pet door for a person who rents.  


Panel pet doors install easily and require no cutting of the pet door frame. They lock with a simple and secure pin lock which requires drilling a hole through the top of the sliding door. Endura Flap Panel for vinyl doors,  Thermo Panel 3e, and Fast Fit panels can be screwed into the frame if desired. The video below details the installation procedure of a temporary door. 

Replacement window: The Pet Door Guys replacement window is built with double pane glass and the Endura Flap. It is not a replacement door, it's just the glass. You disassemble your door, remove the glass and replace with this new window. This is easier than you might expect, and we have a video on the page showing how to measure and install. Replacing the glass means that you can still open the door all the way so you don't lose space for people to use the door like a panel. The original lock works, since it isn't changed in any way. The Endura Flap pet door is very weather tight, so it's good in that respect too. And since it takes about 45 minutes to swap the glass, you can keep the original glass that was removed and swap it back in if you sell the house and the buyer doesn't want the doggy door. 

Electronic options: We do have two electronic options:

1. High Tech Electronic Panel Pet Door: this temporary panel is just as easy to install as a Fast Fit or Endura Flap Panel, but includes the High Tech electronic pet door, that will keep strays and wild critters out, and can be had with an option to access the pet door via a phone app.

2. Autoslide: This is a sliding door opener and closer. When used for pets, it can open the door part way to let them in and out, or can open all the way for people to use the door. This option takes up no space in the doorway, and the door opens and closes all the way. Autoslide also has a phone app to change settings remotely. You can adjust how wide you want the door to open for pets, so you can open wide enough for the biggest English Mastiff, and the height of the tallest Great Dane is a non-issue too. This is a great option for huge dogs, or for those people who own a Great Dane and a chihuahua. Huge and tiny dogs together makes it really hard to use a panel, because it might be high enough for the big one but too high off the floor for the little one, or just too heavy for a tiny dog to push the flap on a giant pet door. No problem with the Autoslide.

This 15 minute video details the installation procedure of spring loaded panels and answers common problems and questions:



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