Endura Vinyl Sliding Glass Pet Door

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Product Overview

The Endura Flap Vinyl Panel with Endura Flap is a very weather tight pet door with a vinyl frame. Spring loaded panel fits modern doors and installs easily.

Endura Flap Vinyl video coming soon. In the meantime, the Thermo Panel is very similar door also made by Endura, but uses an aluminum frame.

  • No Tools Installation
  • Easy install and weather tight
  • Tempered, low E, dual pane glass
  • Endura Flap system - 1,000,000+ cycle flap
  • Can be had with single flap or double flaps for even better insulation
  • Full length magnets down both sides of flap and across bottom make flap very wind resistant
  • White vinyl frame fits 1.5 or 1.75" wide doors correctly
  • Comes with locking cover to block off pet door
  • Spring loaded height adjuster for easy installation
  • 74¾- 77¾ and 77¼ - 80¼ adjustment ranges
  • 3/4" height adjusters available
  • Limited lifetime warranty


This vinyl single flap sliding glass doggy door uses the very weather tight Endura Flap doggy door. The flap is soft, hollow, and swings on a hinge at the top. It has a flexible bellows down the sides with a long strip magnet that seals the flap to the frame. The strong magnets give excellent wind resistance. It was tested and withstood a 50 mph wind without blowing open. For the ultimate in wind and weather, add a second flap! The double flap option uses a door mounted pet door in the panel, the pet door frame is a little thicker around the flap on these models.

The flaps come in taller, skinnier sizes than most to accommodate more dogs for a given flap width. A tall skinny flap is better if you have a larger and smaller dog or a cat (yes, cats can use this door).  The small and medium sizes have a 4" threshold height or stepover height. Large and extra large have a 6" step over. Ideally you would like the top of the flap to be just a big higher than the top of your dog's back, so if you had a typical 24" tall Labrador Retriever and purchased a large flap, the top of the flap would be 25" off the floor (19" tall flap plus the 6" stepover height) which is just about right. The top of the extra large flap would be 29" up.

The vinyl pet doors are only available in white. The frame can be painted, or if you would like to buy a bronze door, it is possible to use the aluminum Thermo Panel 3e, click the link for our YouTube video on how the aluminum frame installs in a vinyl door to find out more.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review