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Perfect doggy door install for walls

Installing a wall dog door in a wall may seem like an extreme option, something that should be a last resort due to its permanence; however, walls can be patched and returned to their original condition and the door removed with relative ease. This is especially true in the case of stucco walls.

Wall through pet doors are the best insulating pet doors you can buy, and can be mounted almost anywhere. A wall mount pet door is more difficult to install than the other types. We always recommend that you choose a larger door for a wall installation than a door installation, since your pet will have to travel through a "tunnel" before setting its paws on the other side of the wall.

Basic installation guidelines are as follows: The wall must be "framed out". This means that the inside of the wall must be sealed so that dirt and water do not get inside the wall. All of our wall through pet doors are self-framing, so they have their own tunnels and this makes them very easy to install.

Plumbing and electrical wiring can usually be avoided, but must sometimes be re-routed to install the door where you want it. In the case of the Ruff Weather Super Large, Plexidor Extra Large size and the Hale Security Extra Large and Giant sizes the pet door will not fit between studs in standard 16" on center construction. It is then necessary to cut a stud and make a header across the opening to connect to the studs on either side to complete the installation.

Once the hole for the pet door is cut, the outer frame must be caulked to the outside of the wall. Making the outer frame weather tight is very important.

If any of these steps are beyond your capability, we strongly suggest that you hire a contractor to complete the installation for you. Any licensed contractor should be able to complete a wall installation, and these specially designed wall through pet doors make the job much easier.

The Perfect Wall Installation: This picture shows the perfect wall installation. The Hale Large size pet door is perfect for this Golden Retriever, and the pet door is installed at just the right height above the ground. The dog is able to go through his door very comfortably.

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