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Plexidor Parts and Accessories

  • PlexiDor pet doors have saloon style flaps with springs to hold them shut PlexiDor dog doors are weather tight, attractive, and have dual pane saloon style plexiglas flaps that close with springs

    Plexidor Replacement Spring Kit

    This kit includes new springs and bushings for both sides of the Plexidor (except small cat doors which only have one spring). Extra Large doors have non-replaceable hinge pins. The instructions show it, but they will not be in the bag as they are not...

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  • PlexiDor doggy doors come with a bolt on cover these sliding cover tracks make it easier to use the steel cover on a day to day basis PlexiDor dog door locking covers are steel and very secure these tracks make the cover easier to use

    Plexidor Slider Track for Locking Cover

    These Plexidor Slider Tracks allow the metal cover to be slid in and out very easily for day to day use instead of screwed into the frame The Plexidor doggy door for Doors and Plexidor Wall Pet Doors come with a cover and a keyed lock in the medium and...

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  • PlexiDor flap weather strips are replaceable and these kits contain enough weather stripping to do both pet door panels PlexiDor dog doors are proudly made in the USA

    Plexidor Weather Strip Kit

    The Plexidor Pet Doors and Plexidor Wall Dog Doors have rigid flaps that are sealed to the frame with this fuzzy weatherstripping.   The weather strips slide into a channel around the edge of the flap, and are glued in with silicone...

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  • PlexiDor Electronic RFID Collar Key Tag comes in standard and long range version PlexiDor Electronic RFID Collar Key Tag clips right to your dogs existing collar

    RFID Collar Key for Plexidor Electronic

    This RFID collar key works with the Plexidor Electronic dog door is the size of a cardboard box of matches, 1½" long, 1" wide, and ½" thick. This key doesn't require batteries and is very durable, not sensitive to water, and...

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  • PlexiDor dog doors use plexiglas flaps that are very sturdy but if you should need to replace one they are sold separately PlexiDor doggy doors are attractive weather tight pet doors that open in the middle like a saloon door

    Plexidor Replacement Panel

    The Plexidor Dog Door flaps are very durable, but they can break if abused and some replace just because the old flaps get scratched and dirty.   If your Plexidor has a flap that is hanging open, you need a spring kit, not a replacement...

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