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Hale Pet Door Parts and Accessories

  • Hale Screen Stabilizer Bars attach to the screen frame and to the pet door to strengthen the installation Hale Screen Dog Doors come with the stabilizer bar shown here in the tall large and larger sizes

    Hale Screen Pet Door Stabilizer Bar

    The Hale screen pet door attaches to the frame corner making it very sturdy, but this stabilizer bar to add rigidity to their screen door   Because it attaches to the screen frame in the bottom corner, it is already fairly rigidly...

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  • Replacement Alnico magnets for the Hale Pet Door press into the frame of the doggy door Hale doggy doors are proudly made in the USA

    Replacement Magnet for Hale Pet Door

    Hale Pet Doors of all types are equipped with magnets in the frame which attract chromed pieces of metal called strikes that are riveted to the flaps. The more magnets, the more wind proof the dog door will be. The magnets slide into a channel in the...

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  • Hale Pet Door replacement flap kits come with the flap replacement magnets and weather strips Hale dog doors are made in the USA and feature weather tight flaps with magnets on sides and bottom of the flap

    Hale Replacement Flap

    These Hale flaps can be found in Hale Pet Doors for doors, sliding glass doors, walls, windows, screens, and in glass pet door styles   Hale flaps can be found in Hale Pet Doors for doors, Hale Standard...

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