FireSafe Pet Door for Garage Walls

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Product Overview

FireSafe Pet Doors makes a UL certified fire rated pet door for installation in walls. 

  • UL certified 20 minute fire barrier
  • Small and Large sizes 
  • Fits walls up to 4 9/16" thick, tunnel extension available for 2x6 walls 
  • Powdercoated aluminum frame
  • ABS locking cover
  • Galvanized fire cover on garage side
  • Cover prevents smoke infiltration 
  • Building code compliant
  • 1 year limited warranty

Installing a normal pet door through garage doors or walls breaks the fire barrier and is against fire codes. Many homeowners have installed pet doors into the garage without realizing that there are rules with regards to garages that don't apply to other parts of the home. A pet door installed into a garage that isn't fire rated can be cause to revoke fire insurance claims. Garages are often the source of house fires and the codes are there to protect you and your family. Reduce the risk with a Underwriters Laboratory certified fire rated doggy door.

FireSafe Pet Doors is the only pet door manufacturer to make a Fire Rated pet door. They make door and wall models in small and large sizes allowing you to put the cat's litter box in the garage, or to install a door for your dog while retaining piece of mind and compliance with insurance policies and building codes. In the event of a fire, the galvanized steel cover will drop, covering the pet door opening. There is also a seal on the frame that prevents smoke infiltration. This provides a 20 minute fire barrier.

This is the only compliant solution for installing a pet door into a garage. 
Click here to download a copy of the UL Certification.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review