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Product Overview

  • White or Black colors
  • Installation procedure includes drilling holes
  • Allows the door to open all the way for people or part way for pets
  • Doesn't take up room in the slider like a panel
  • Adjustable width opening for pets
  • 110V power supply plugs into regular outlet
  • Optional remote control
  • Optional pressure mat
  • Optional microwave motion sensor
  • Optional K9 RFID collar tag system 
  • Optional Bluetooth enabled system allows phone app 
  • Can be top or bottom mounted
  • Works with doors that slide right to left or left to right
  • Quiet operation
  • 2 year warranty
  • iLock included with Elite motor upgrade locks the slider, regular version does not
  • 20% restock fee for returns that are not defective or damaged in shipping 

Panel pet doors for sliding glass doors are great and we have thousands of happy customers who have purchased them, but they do have a few limitations. Often times the pet door takes up so much space that people can no longer use the door. They also ruin the symmetry of the door as it will be partially open to accept the panel. Cheaper models are not very weather tight.

The Autoslide solves all of these problems. It isn't a pet door, but rather an automatic opener for the sliding glass door. When a person triggers the door with the wall mounted wireless push button the door opens all the way. When the pet sensors are used, the door will open partially. You can adjust the pet opening from a minimum of about 7.5" up to about 20". This allows your pets to go in and out without opening the door all the way, saving energy.

There are 3 mechanisms to open the door for pets.

1. There is a wireless motion sensor, which opens for anything that comes in front of the door. The motion sensor is the best option if you have a fenced yard and don't anticipate any other animals in your yard.

2. There is also a pressure mat system. The pressure mats are attached to a wireless transmitter that would attach to a wall with double sided tape. Two problems with this are that the wireless transmitter is sensitive to water, so if your patio isn't covered it would be susceptible to water damage. The other issue is that the door will stay open as long as the dog is on the mat, so if the dog decides to lay down on the mat, the door will be open until he decides to move off of it.

3. The last option is the K9 RFID collar tag system with a hard wired sensor that attaches to the door jamb. The keys have a range of about 36" and that can be adjusted out to 110". By itself this RFID system will prevent the door for opening for raccoons or other wild animals that might step on the mat or trigger the motion sensor. If used in conjunction with the iLock motor upgrade, the sliding door will be securely locked when the key is not present. ***UPDATE*** The RFID system will now accomodate 4 collar keys. Video was made when it had a maximum of 3 keys.

Smart home systems are becoming more and more popular. There are two ways to make the Autoslide remotely accessible. You can use Alexa and a key switch (we don't sell key switches but you can buy one for about $20) and the Autoslide Key Switch Cable and this will allow you to do ONE function on the Autoslide. Most people only want to open and close the door remotely for their pets, in that case this is sufficient. If you want to change modes and do other things remotely, then you can opt for the Bluetooth enabled version of the Autoslide. This option is more expensive but will allow you to access the unit with their phone app and change settings and open and close the door remotely.

All Elite motors now come with iLock. If you use the iLock, you can open the door with a 10 digit keypad, the K9 collar key system, or 4 button remote control key fobs, or any combination of those. If you don't get the iLock option the door will have to remain unlocked, and you will be relying on your pets for security. 

Your sliding door must move freely in order to work with the Autoslide. They rate the pulling power at 12 lbs of resistance. You can test this with a fish scale, or if you prefer give us a call and we will mail you a testing tool, which is a velcro strap. You just wrap it around the handle and pull the door open and closed 3 times. If the velcro stays attached, you're good to go. 

This unit does take some installation and we suggest that DIY'ers be fairly mechanically inclined if they're going to take it on. It can be installed on the top or bottom of most sliding doors and also has adapters for pocket doors. For you car people this device works like a rack and pinion steering system. The pinion gear is on the motor and the rack gets screwed to the door. This is one of the few items we sell that has a restocking fee. If you return it for any reason other than damage in shipping or because it is defective, a 20% restock fee will be deducted from your refund in addition to refunding less the original shipping charge.


(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Simple and efficient

    Posted by Jorge Cordero on May 22nd 2024

    Simple solution to a very difficult problem

  • 4
    Almost Perfect!

    Posted by Dayle Roberts on Dec 6th 2023

    Love it! My pets love it. I recommend that the manufacturer provide two timers, one for pets, and one for their people. I don’t want the door to stay open longer than necessary in the winter time. This means that the door automatically closes on me when I go through. Having a second people timer would allow me to have the time I need.

  • 5

    Posted by Don K on Jul 25th 2018

    We are impressed by the operation of our autoslide. Jon sent a extra video and also explained how to install to make door open completely into the pocket. It is a 36 inch door and when it opens the opening is a full 36 inches.Makes our bathroom fully wheelchair accessible for when a family member visits ! Thanks so much to Jon from Pet Store for your time & info.