Hale Pet Door For Screen Doors

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Product Overview


  • Toughest screen pet door on the market
  • Attaches to frame of screen, not just mesh
  • Clear flap material
  • Very tight flap seal - no bugs!
  • Available in very large sizes for big dogs
  • Fits sliding screen doors and screened porches
  • One piece for easier installation
  • Arizona Beige, White, Bronze, or Satin colors
  • Stabilizer Bar option allows you to anchor the pet door frame on 3 sides
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Does not fit some wood screen framing with the screen mesh sandwiched between 2 pieces of wood!                 

The Hale screen door is the strongest design available. It attaches to the metal frame for the screen on the side and across the bottom, making it a much better choice for dogs than a pet door that only clips to the screen mesh, like the Ideal Screen Fit cat door. 

The flaps are the same as those used on the very weather tight door model. While weather tightness might not be a factor on a screen installation, these will also be more bug proof than other pet doors. The screen model does not come with a locking cover

When installing a pet door of this type the "rise" dimension is fixed. This means that the screen frame will have it's dimension, and the pet door will sit on top of the screen frame, and the pet door will be approximately 1 " over the top of the screen frame. This is fine for smaller dogs or cats, because the pet door usually starts about 3 " off the ground. With larger dogs, the pet door can be a bit low, so we usually recommend that you get a taller flap than you would for a regular door installation.

The pictures of the frame colors will vary with your particular monitor and the brown background on the pictures doesn't do us any favors, but they are shown to give an approximate idea of the colors available. Satin is actually a brushed aluminum, similar to the bottom of a soda can. A good description of the beige is like coffee with 2 creams in it. White is bright white, bronze is almost black.

48" stabilizer bar option matches the pet door frame color. We suggest you use the stabilizer bar for larger sizes, or if your smaller pets will charge through the pet door at full speed. The stabilizer bars come 48" and are cut to fit your door.

A great testimonial on a Lanai installation: "Hello, Just wanted to let you know that my Hale pet door flap is finally starting to break down and I will be ordering a replacement flap. What is remarkable is that I purchased this in 2007, and have two very active Labrador Retrievers who've used the door constantly for 7 years now. Great product, great service. It's so refreshing when a product exceeds expectations. Best Regards, Jim S. Coconut Creek, FL" And here is another from a new installation: "I installed my door this morning in about 30 minutes. It took the dog about 10 minutes to figure it out and she has since made several excursions through the door. This is a great addition to our house. Thank you, Michael G. Peabody, MA"

Wood Frames:

If your wood screen frame has a metal insert, this door will work. If your wood screen frame has two pieces of wood which sandwich the screen mesh, it will not work.

Attention DIY Installers:

We have had quite a few customers complain after receiving their door that the spline channel is on the wrong side. The Hale screen door has a channel for the spline on both sides of the frame, but for some reason one side looks obvious and the other does not. 



(48 reviews) Write a Review

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    Good product - If screen won't open, read this

    Posted by Phil Fetto on Jun 29th 2020

    I got the tall unit with the support bar. It's been installed for a few weeks, works well. However, when I first installed the screen wouldn't open because the head of the screw and the logo stuck out too far and was catching on the fixed portion of the sliding glass door. I found a workaround and, to be honest, it might be an excellent addition to install methods. Using 1/8” medium rivets (don’t think a short would work) and countersinking the hole, the installation is almost perfectly flush and more secure than screws. Removed the logo and I’m able to have full operation of the screen door.

    On the flip side, I don’t feel great about what I got for my money, which substantial for a dog door, plus having to figure out the solution. Having said that, I’m relieved it worked and hoping it lasts.

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    X-large in screen pet door

    Posted by David Leno on Jun 14th 2020

    The pet door is great. I’m still training to go in out but making progress. I think the top bar support design could be a little bet better, but it’s in and it does work. Is there any kind of lockout hard cover in case I don’t want the dogs to go out? Just wondering

    Pet Door Store response: No, there is no locking cover for the screen pet doors.

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    Hal Pet Door for Screen Doors

    Posted by William Bisnack on Jun 5th 2020

    Excellent product, however had to do extensive modification to the screen door frame to install. My screen door is 1/2 thick aluminum frame, and the dog door frame that supposedly fits this thickness was slightly narrower, did not slip over the screen frame, and had to do 2 hours of modification to the frame to fit rather than sending it back and getting a wider one.

    Pet Door Store response - It really is 1/2" inside the channel. If it wasn't fitting, it's likely because the pet door frame was bent, or your screen frame was just a hair over. 9/16" won't fit. In any event we would have been happy to swap it out and save you the installation hassle, but glad that you ultimately got it installed.

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    pet door for tall medium size

    Posted by Michael McGuire on Oct 28th 2019

    excellent quality & easy to install

  • 4
    Hale pet review

    Posted by Ed Rosenbrook on Sep 3rd 2019

    I Just replaced a hale dog door similar to one pictured above. I have two border collies (50-55 lbs) who are pretty rough on door going in/out all day. After a year the corner seems cracked and I had to reforge the corners with metal and screws. The plastic door started to tear which resulted in the unit needed replacement. Over all pretty good door, looks great, but could be more durable. I liked it enough to buy another one.

    Pet Door Store note: The flap on this pet door is replaceable. No need to buy the whole thing again.

  • 5
    Perfect Door. Perfect Service.

    Posted by Rhonda Sims on Aug 28th 2019

    Wow! I could not be more pleased with how the ordering of this product went and the product itself. The owner was fantastic in taking time to help me select the exact right door which ended up having to be custom. The service was outstanding and the door fit and works perfectly. I'm so thankful!

  • 5
    Hale XL Tall

    Posted by Crystal carrasco on Aug 12th 2019

    Excellent! My dog lovers the freedom and it was so easy to install. The directions were clear and easy to follow. The door is so sturdy and easy to train to use. I love it!

  • 5
    Dog door

    Posted by Andrew Gougelmann on Aug 6th 2019

    The door works great.

  • 5
    The product that solves my number one problem.

    Posted by Michael Newell on Jun 25th 2019

    I usually don't comment on products I buy online. I just read other peoples comments and go from there. The installation was very easy. Especially after watching the you tube video. My dogs figured it out after putting some treats on the other side. They got comfortable using it after understanding it will flap on their back. The other problem it solved was my screen door is now more much more sturdy and doesn't bend as much. Thanks.