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Parts and Accessories

  • Draft Stopper weather strips seal the gap between the sliding glass door and the stationary window when a pet door is added The draft stopper weatherstrip attaches to the back end of the sliding glass door and seals the gap resulting from the installation of a doggy door

    Draft Stopper

    Draft stopper weather strip seals the gap between the stationary window and the sliding glass door when a slider pet door panel is used.   This weather strip works with any of them, including the Thermo Panel 3e, Ideal Fast Fit, Hale Standard...

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  • Endura Flap dog door locking covers have a spring loaded pin to prevent them from being lifted out from the outside Endura Flap pet doors use heavy duty plastic locking covers for security

    Endura Replacement Locking Cover

    The Endura Flap pet doors come with a tan plastic locking cover, the small, medium, and large sizes have one lock the XL has two locks Endura doggie doors are extremely weather tight, and are available for all different applications. The Thermo Panel 3e...

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  • Hale Screen Stabilizer Bars attach to the screen frame and to the pet door to strengthen the installation Hale Screen Dog Doors come with the stabilizer bar shown here in the tall large and larger sizes

    Hale Screen Pet Door Stabilizer Bar

    The Hale screen pet door attaches to the frame corner making it very sturdy, but this stabilizer bar to add rigidity to their screen door   Because it attaches to the screen frame in the bottom corner, it is already fairly rigidly...

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  • High Tech Electronic Pet Doors can use this battery backup so that if the power goes out the pets can still use their automatic doggy door If your High Tech Power Pet Door is installed where there are no outlets you can use two batteries and use one while charging the other

    High Tech Batteries and Accessories

    High Tech Power Pet Doors are usually run on a standard 110V outlet. If you live in an area that is prone to power outages, the optional battery backup can be a real help.   Some people have this door installed in an area where there are no...

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  • High Tech Pet Electronic Dog Doors come with the MS-5 ultrasonic key which operates the automatic pet door High Tech Pet offers the MS-4 ultrasonic collar key which is not water proof at a lower cost than the MS-5

    High Tech Power Pet Ultrasonic Collar Key

    High Tech Power Pet Doors use ultrasonic collars. There is a version which is not waterproof and one that is waterproof. If you have a Golden Retriever and a pool, pay a little more for the water proof collar. Battery life on these collars is...

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  • This Inside Frame with Flap replaces the frame flap and the bar that the screws attach to on the Ideal Pet Doors Ideal Pet Products make some of the most popular pet doors on the market

    Ideal Inside Frame With Flap

    This is the replacement flap and the surrounding plastic frame for the Ideal pet door that comes in the Ideal Fast Fit and Ideal Fast Sash pet doors. Ideal dog door replacement flaps are available separately if your plastic frame is still in good shape...

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  • Ideal Ruff Weather Wall Kits include a plastic tunnel for your wall and the longer bolts necessary to attach the doggy door to it Ideal Ruff Weather Wall Kits fit walls up to 7 1/2 inches so it works with most 2x4 and 2x6 studded walls

    Ideal Ruff Weather Wall Kit

    The Ruff Weather Wall kit is a plastic tunnel that connects the Ruff Weather doggy door and provides the necessary thickness for walls up to 7 1/4” thick. The tunnel can be trimmed down for thinner walls.

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  • PlexiDor pet doors have saloon style flaps with springs to hold them shut PlexiDor dog doors are weather tight, attractive, and have dual pane saloon style plexiglas flaps that close with springs

    Plexidor Replacement Spring Kit

    This kit includes new springs and bushings for both sides of the Plexidor (except small cat doors which only have one spring). Extra Large doors have non-replaceable hinge pins. The instructions show it, but they will not be in the bag as they are not...

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  • PlexiDor doggy doors come with a bolt on cover these sliding cover tracks make it easier to use the steel cover on a day to day basis PlexiDor dog door locking covers are steel and very secure these tracks make the cover easier to use

    Plexidor Slider Track for Locking Cover

    These Plexidor Slider Tracks allow the metal cover to be slid in and out very easily for day to day use instead of screwed into the frame The Plexidor doggy door for Doors and Plexidor Wall Pet Doors come with a cover and a keyed lock in the medium and...

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  • PlexiDor flap weather strips are replaceable and these kits contain enough weather stripping to do both pet door panels PlexiDor dog doors are proudly made in the USA

    Plexidor Weather Strip Kit

    The Plexidor Pet Doors and Plexidor Wall Dog Doors have rigid flaps that are sealed to the frame with this fuzzy weatherstripping.   The weather strips slide into a channel around the edge of the flap, and are glued in with silicone...

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