Pet Doors "Galore"

Posted by Jon Mortensen on Feb 14th 2017

Pet Doors "Galore"

When people think of door-mounted pet doors they are sometimes cautious. These were the original pet doors and were often quite basic. With the advent of steel, fiberglass and aluminum doors, that often have decorative panels, you could be forgiven for thinking that these doors aren’t suitable for installing a pet door. Most doors though, are flat and the decorative part is recessed. This means that all the modern pet doors that we carry, are suitable to fix in pretty much every modern door. Wall pet doors can be installed almost anywhere and wall through pet doors have excellent insulating properties. Should you need to remove the door, then the wall can be easily patched. One piece of important advice that we give to our customers, is to make sure that you select a larger door for a wall than you would if you were installing it in a door. This is because the dog has to pass through what is basically a short tunnel.

We carry a range of pet doors that are designed specifically to install into glass. If you are concerned about cutting a hole in glass, then you should consult a glazier. They can be installed into either normal  glass doorssliding glass doors or windows. If you intend to cut the hole yourself then please be aware of the following important information. If you are fitting the pet door to a glass door, then the glass will almost always be tempered. Tempered glass cannot be cut and it has a mark in the corner. If you see the mark, then you will need to replace the glass with non-tempered glass. Windows are less likely to have tempered glass but please check before you attempt to cut it.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, we also have pet doors adapted to installation on screens. Not only that but we also carry a range of electronic pet doors. Our range of pet doors in the different categories can be found here.

If you are worried about installing any of our products yourself, then our  Pet Door Store Blog will help. We have many different installation blog posts, usually with videos with detailed how to's. If you can't find your answer there, please give us a call at 866-377-3667