Dog Doors for Great Danes

Posted by Jon Mortensen on Apr 1st 2017

Of all the dog doors we sell at, dog doors for Great Danes are the ones that shoppers seem to have the most questions about.

It’s no surprise; buying and fitting a dog door for Great Danes and other large breeds of dogs takes some thinking about. Their height is one thing; the standard is 32 inches when measured at shoulder height, but they have been known to grow to a good six inches taller than that. What we also need to consider is their strength. A flick of the head or tail can knock adults over if they aren’t looking.

The size of the door means that choosing where to put it takes a lot more consideration than with smaller breeds. I wrote some advice and information regarding fitting a dog door for Great Danes here This article looks at fitting the dog door into either a wall or a door.

Another alternative is, surprisingly to some, fitting a dog door for a Great Dane into a sliding-glass door. Now you may think that making a hole up to 36 inches tall in a glass door isn’t the smartest move. There is a trick though, and this applies to all sizes of dog doors and all applications. What we can do is make the hole smaller but raise it up; in the case of a dog door for a Great Dane, it can be raised about ten inches so that they can step through it.

We can always give advice on this for all sizes of dogs. The main thing is to allow them to step in with their head down, thereby reducing the size of the hole and the door. If you are considering fitting a dog door for a Great Dane – or any of the other large breeds – into a sliding glass door then you can find detailed information here

Great Danes are fun dogs, although originally bred to hunt wild boar, that aggressiveness has long been bred out of them. Be careful though, as mentioned above, a flick of the tail or head could send you flying; quite possibly through the recently fitted dog door. This brings me to the last consideration when fitting a dog door big enough for very large dogs, security. As these doors are big enough for a man to fit through they come with locking covers. As always, I am here to advise on the best and most secure options.