Finally, a Fire Rated Pet Door for Garages!

Posted by Jon Mortensen on Nov 20th 2022

Finally, a Fire Rated Pet Door for Garages!

Garages are built to be more fire resistant than the rest of your home. The walls and door between your garage and the rest of the house are fire rated. The door to the garage is solid wood, sometimes wood fiber filled composite, and heavier than other interior doors in your home. Likewise walls between the garage and the rest of the house use thicker drywall for improved fire resistance.

Installing a normal pet door through this fire barrier is against fire codes. While many homeowners have done this to get a litter box out of the house or to allow a dog access to the yard, it presents problems buying or selling the house, as it won't pass inspection. A pet door that isn't fire rated can pose a real risk to collecting on fire insurance claims. Most importantly, these codes exist for a reason, and you and your family are at greater risk with a pet door that is not fire resistant.

FireSafe Pet Doors is the first and only pet door manufacturer as of this writing to make a Underwriters Laboratory Certified Fire Rated pet door. They make door and wall models in small and large sizes, so you can put the cat's litter box in the garage or let the dogs out and retain your insurance, compliance, and safety.

For those considering a pet door installation into a garage, this is really the only option that makes sense. If you previously installed another pet door through a door or wall into the garage, you can replace it with a FireSafe door to get back into compliance with the codes and protect your loved ones.

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