Ideal E-Cat Electronic Cat Door

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Product Overview

Ideal E-Cat Electromagnetic cat doors use collars with magnetic keys to unlock the door and allows your pet to push the flap open

  • 9 volt battery powered
  • 3 way lock
  • Sized to fit any cat and small dogs up to around 25 lbs
  • Keeps out strays
  • White frame
  • Comes with 1 collar and key

The E-Cat's 7 x 9 flap is big enough to fit dogs to about 30 lbs. This door runs on a 9 volt battery and uses magnetic collar keys and an electromagnetic locking mechanism. The additional manual three way lock can be set to open, locked or electronic operation.

These doors are normally used to keep strays out, but can be installed "backwards" so that the door will let only your pets that have collar keys out. When doing this type of installation, it is important to caulk the battery cover to keep water out of the electronics.

This cat door is also available in the Ideal Fast Fit panel pet door for sliding glass doors.

Limited lifetime warranty. This product is subject to a 15% restock fee if returned for any other reason than damage in shipping.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review