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Endura Wall Pet Doors - Double Flap

Endura Wall Pet Doors - Double Flap

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weather tight wall dog door endura made in the USA

The Endura double flap wall dog door is an excellent performer. Endura flaps are very weather tight. They are insulated and hollow and use full length magnet strips which are attached to bellows or accordion sections down the sides of the flaps. Endura Flap doggy doors also have magnets across the bottom of the flap, and a floating magnet bar in the frame. When the flap closes the three sides automatically adjust; if the flap expands in hot weather or shrinks in cold weather, the bellows on the sides adjust. The magnet bar jumps up to hit the bottom of the flap as well. This gives a very good seal, and makes the flaps very windproof. The manufacturer says that the medium double flap pet door will withstand a 50 mph wind without blowing open! These flaps are also extremely durable. They were tested with a machine that pushed the flaps open in both directions until failure occurred, and that didn't happen until after more than 3,000,000 cycles.

Endura flap dog doors for walls fit walls up to 7 ½ inches thick. The tunnel comes disassembled, which makes it easier to cut to the depth of the wall. Once cut the tunnel is assembled and the frames attached. The interior and exterior frames are identical on the double flap Endura, so you have the option of putting the locking cover on the inside or outside frame. This door is available in white, tan, or bronze (very dark brown).

5 Stars
Extra Large Wall Dog Door
I researched dog doors extensively and found the Endura Wall Double Flap to be the best product for my application. The magnets, seals, flaps and overall quality is excellent. I like the way the bottom plate is pulled upwards to make a complete seal on the flap. I installed carpet on the interior tunnel wall. It's not needed but adds a nice touch for my pampered dog.
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Reviewed by:  from Nevada. on 7/21/2016
4 Stars
Solid construction....can be made easier to install
This door does appear to be higher quality construction that most of what you can buy nowadays. My dog did chew the outside flap and pull the magnet off. It is still functional, but I don't know if I can just get a new flap later. I did install the door myself and it is fairly easy if you have some carpenter/DYI in you, but takes time....I have an old house so did have to remove drywall and mess with some studs. The one thing I think they could do to improve the product is if instead of cutting the metal for the wall thickness that the metal wall through part slides over top of the pieces to automatically fit to the wall. You have to caulk the joints anyway so this would save installation time.
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Reviewed by:  from Philadelphia. on 4/21/2017