Pet Door Guys Through Glass Doggy Door

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Product Overview

Pet Door Guys In Glass Dog Door is a glass replacement for your current French or sliding glass door with Endura Flap pet door installed


  • Replacement window with built in doggy door fits French and sliding glass doors
  • White or Beige Frame colors
  • Double pane glass only
  • High quality Endura pet door
  • Less work for local glass shop than other options
  • Easy DIY if you are handy
  • Original sliding door lock works
  • Rise options allow pet door to be mounted higher for taller dogs
  • Final sale, no returns
  • Oversize doors cannot ship to residential addresses
  • Takes 3 to 4 weeks to ship from date of order

Panel pet doors take up room in the door way and most don't use the existing lock. They also leave the door partway open which requires the use of weather strips to seal it back up, and many people think they are unsightly. Wall pet doors are hard to install and it is even more difficult to remove and patch the wall. A wall pet door is pretty permanent. Even a wood door installation is going to require the replacement of the door to undo.  

The Pet Door Guys have a solution: this product is a pre-manufactured window replacement in its own frame with the excellent Endura pet door already installed. It has one large, tempered, dual pane insulated window on top, with a second smaller one next to an Endura pet door below. This is shipped to you complete, and you or your local glass company just disassembles your door and swaps out the original glass with this unit. The Standard unit has a maximum glass unit size of 34 x 76. If your glass is between 76" and 92" tall, it will be considered Oversize. Max dimensions are 34" wide and 92" tall. If you have a 8 x 8 slider and the door is 48" wide, we can ship the unit without glass as a custom order - call for details in this case. Oversize doors cannot ship to residential addresses, but we can ship them to business addresses.

When ordering we need payment via the website or by phone, and the order form filled out, signed, and emailed to provide the glass specifications. Since these are custom built to fit your window, this item is a final sale and we will not accept returns unless the item is defective or damaged in shipping. Here is a simpler method for figuring the glass thickness suggested by one of our customers.

If you want a pet door without the T frame in the window, have a look at the Hale In Glass pet door. The Hale door is sold as the dog door alone, and you will need to find a local glass shop to make a new piece of glass to install it into. Although the price of the Hale is lower up front it ends up being quite a bit more expensive after the installation costs are figured in.

RISE OPTION - The pet door will start 3.5" above the frame of your door. A typical sliding door frame is 3 or 4 inches tall, so the pet door will be 6.5" or 7.5" off the ground with no rise added. As great as the Pet Door Guys product is, it doesn't work well for really short legged dogs like dachshunds and shih tzus. We almost never sell an increased rise on anything other than the XL size. It's better to just step up a flap size, which gains you 4" in height, but doesn't put the pet door any higher off the floor. If you have a very tall dog it may be necessary to add a rise to the Extra Large size. French door owners - look out for the height of the kick plate at the bottom below the glass. These are typically 8 or 10 inches tall, usually quite a bit taller than sliding doors, and that's before the 3.5" or between the frame and the bottom of the flap. Most French doors are double doors and one side is usually closed. In that case you can use a step or ramp, and install on the stationary side for smaller pets.

If you have a short legged breed make sure that the pet door will be at a usable height. If it is too high off the floor at 3.5" above the frame, take a look at the Autoslide. It is not a pet door at all, it is a sliding door opener and closer. It takes up no space in the doorway, and doesn't add any threshold height.  

LOW E OPTION - The 272 coating is green in color, 366 is grey. Both are very light, so if you're in doubt, hold a white piece of paper on the other side of the glass and see if you can tell what you have. If it looks white, even if it says low e on the window, pick clear glass.

SHIPPING - Ships free to the contiguous 48 states. For AK, HI, or international orders, call. Because of the custom glass size for every order, glass is not stocked and the wait time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks, plus shipping time from Washington state.

INSTALLATION - This is much easier to install than you might imagine. The video on this page goes through the whole process of removing the trim, measuring the glass, and completing the installation. Check out the reviews; almost all of them are from first timers and they nearly all say how easy it is. If you can't DIY, the first step in ordering one of these units is to pick up the phone and call a local residential glass shop. They will need to come to your home twice. During the first visit they will partially disassemble the door and provide you with the exact size of the glass unit so that you can complete an order, and a second time to install the completed unit after it arrives. Each visit takes 20 to 30 minutes. 



(44 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Through the glass doggy door

    Posted by C. Harding on Feb 14th 2021

    Fantastic Product!!! Fast shipping, arrived just as ordered. This is our second purchase and we could not be happier! Thank you PET DOOR GUYS!!!

  • 5
    Glass door, dog door

    Posted by Justin Hughes on Feb 1st 2021

    Perfect! Amazing customer service, quality product.

  • 5
    Great door.

    Posted by Jonathan Mooser on Jan 12th 2021

    I was able to install it with no problem. It works perfectly with our dog.

  • 5
    Through the glass dog door

    Posted by Shane on Oct 7th 2020

    Couldn’t be happier, was exactly as described and did the Measurements and install myself! My glass pack was oversized Which can’t be delivered to a residence so instead they allowed me to pick up from the nearest shipping location. I really appreciated this as I was installing it. The video on the main site was very helpful. My dogs enjoy it as much as i door for the effectiveness and efficiency.

  • 5
    Class sliding dog door

    Posted by Kelsey Scolari on Aug 22nd 2020

    This was awesome! Measuring the glass was not overly difficult, and inserting our new door was also smooth, it fit perfectly and has been a game changer for our three dog household. Magnet door flap keeps weather and bugs out and the dogs use it with ease.

  • 5
    Pet Door

    Posted by Valerie Litzsinger on Aug 14th 2020

    The entire experience was great! The customer service in ordering was amazing, the door insert was delivered within three Weeks as promised and it fit perfectly. I highly recommend the product and this company

  • 5
    Love our glass sliding doggie door

    Posted by Fred Bothe on Jul 7th 2020

    We had a glass panel with a dog door in it, and sliding glass door would sandwich into it, but it was never able to lock and was never airtight, and with the panel in place you only had 13” left to squeeze through to get out side. This is a tight fit if you are bringing out trays of food or even a big tummy.
    The Pet Door Store gives a great solution to the problem by incorporating the dog door into the actual slider.
    As intimidating as it seemed to change out the glass panel, It was Surprisingly easy. I just needed one helper to lift the glass in place, other than that it took all of 45 min.

    Great product!

  • 5
    This door is Perfect!

    Posted by Patti on Jul 6th 2020

    I am so happy I found this product. It is perfect for my setup and saved me from having to cut a hole in the wall of a brand new house. The noise of the flap is minimal. Excellent product!

  • 4
    In glass pet door

    Posted by Thaddeus on Jun 17th 2020

    Rise is to high for smaller dogs. Otherwise good product