Big Pet Door, Little Space

Big Pet Door, Little Space

Posted by Jon Mortensen on Mar 4th 2019

Maximizing Your Pet Door Width While Fitting Between Studs Here at The Pet Door Store, we occasionally come across a customer who has a limited amount of space between studs in a wall and needs t … read more

How to Train Your Pet to Use Their Pet Door

Posted by Jon Mortensen on Dec 9th 2017

Pets are considered family by most dog and cat owners. And just like family, we want to make sure that they get the happiness they deserve. One of the ways we can keep our pets happy is by providing y … read more

Specially Priced! Pride Pet Door and Screen Adapter

Posted by Jon Mortensen on Aug 8th 2017

Pet Door Store is delighted to offer one of the best deals you can find anywhere on this brand name pet door product for screen door applications. Because this item was returned to us like new, one … read more

Dog Doors for Great Danes

Posted by Jon Mortensen on Apr 1st 2017

Of all the dog doors we sell at, dog doors for Great Danes are the ones that shoppers seem to have the most questions about.It’s no surprise; buying and fitting a dog door for Great D … read more
Pet Doors "Galore"

Pet Doors "Galore"

Posted by Jon Mortensen on Feb 14th 2017

When people think of door-mounted pet doors they are sometimes cautious. These were the original pet doors and were often quite basic. With the advent of steel, fiberglass and aluminum doors, that … read more